Joe Applies for Big Brother7

Joe7mon 25d

And eventually wins.

Folks, I've been on EM for 9ish years now and in that time fell in love with Big Brother, the best television show ever. EM has taught me my love for orgs, my knack for social manipulation, and my love for deception (all in a game sense). Not only is it my life's dream to be on the show, but also, c'mon, I'm gonna win this thing!

Who else could?

I'm not playing for the money. I'm playing to win the best game on Earth.

I've mapped this out. 2022 will be the first time I'm able to comfortably play the game, so the summer of 2023 will be one wild ride.

I'll no doubt be here in 3 years, so I'm making this for posterity.

Just wait till I make a new post in 3 years about how they accepted my application and I'll be in the game.

See you then.

JoeAug 17, 2019
If I can become the Dethy Czar I can wait 1133 days. Comment if you want, I won't remove this from my profile for 3 years.
APsychologistAug 17, 2019!
I look forward to seeing you on the show
NoobyBoiAug 19, 2019
i want nicole to win this season so bad, it would be the best thing to happen in her life
mattAug 19, 2019
The same principle applies to like 85% of the other players?
SkathiAug 19, 2019
Bold of you to assume this site will still be active in 2023.
mattAug 19, 2019
I think it's got 5 years left
JoeAug 19, 2019
You guys are 1130 days early to be posting in here. Mark your calendars.
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