extra toasty117

leb5mon 6d

the title does not describe me in any way but hi

i'm bored so lets do something, i will be making this my personal blog and what not

Oh also AMA, ask me whatever u want, ill answer honestly.

leb1mon 4d
how do u generally like ur toast
do u like being warm and toasty under blankets

i like my toast with jam and sometimes with butter

and yes i do, i dont like cold all that much
Milton12341mon 2d
opinion pls !
leb29d 16h
opinion pls !
i think you are a good person, you seem kind and genuine, i do think you tend to bw off of some people, which there's nothing wrong with that, but you should do thing because you wanna do them not because someone else is doing them.
leb29d 16h
for the past 3 weeks i keep waking up at 4-5am everday and i dont know why, its so annoying
Milton123429d 6h!

Milton123428d 1h
over it!
Milton123425d 13h
puts a slice of cheese and hard salami on you and eats you
Milton123424d 1h!
it is time to ce@lebrate christmas
we will ce@lebrate new year's in a week
another word for referendum is p@lebiscite
a common pitch thrown by baseball pitchers is the knuck@leball
there's an insect called a bumb@lebee
there's also the padd@leboard
bicycles have hand@lebars
Milton123421d 8h!
"leb is for horses lol" is in my autofill
Milton123420d 10h
my autofill is lebphobic
leb8d 9h
I’m so exhausted lately and idk why
leb4d 22h
my fave band has shifted from panic to falloutboy, good choice? undecided
you are stuck in like 2010
leb4d 22h
you are stuck in like 2010
i dont see a problem with that
illuminati4d 6h
This thread is filled to the BRIM with personality.
leb4d 4h
This thread is filled to the BRIM with personality.
weird flex but ok
leb1d 10h
Just came back to say fallout boy and panic are the best bands of 2020
they did surgery on a grape