Role images1

Torreador4mon 1d


Not a complaint but a request, i think it would be useful for the games, both comp, ranked, unranked, sandbox...

So far we have the current possibilities for images during games :

  • Typical emotes like :doge: :pingu: :) ;-; etc
  • Custom emotes
  • Avatars with %name

What would be nice would be to be able to use the image from the epicmafia roles, using a different code. maybe like $villager or something.

This could be interesting, and it doesn't really impact custom emote purchases since most customs are internet memes or anime stuff anyways.

Char, do u mind relaying that to lucid? Thanks.

Shwartz99Aug 13, 2019
actually, i made a userscript for this not too long ago :D gl trying to get it to lucid tho