anne/sasuke's 100% opinion89

Anne2mon 10d

Here u ask for opinion and I shall give. Also I am Sasuke and a girl if that wasn't obvious.

SinB20d 5h
anne is my god. i worship the ground she walks on.
Guru19d 20h
SteelixMega19d 19h!
What if I called you Anniel like Daniel
but if Stan is short for Stanley or Stanford, then Anne should be short for Anneley or Anneford.
Anne12d 6h
do me but be nice
honestly there's a lot of parts to ur personality i don't like, but i recognize that's just me being bitter and it's not really your fault. i think you can be a bit attention seeking, but overall you seem really smart. also we hold a lot of the same opinions and views so that's always a good sign. i like messing with u tbh but its nothing personal.

can i get a real overrated tsundere opinion now thanx
actually a lot nicer than i originally thought. i used to think you were one of those "lol look what an edgy, funny troll i am xddd" but after talking to u i can see that u can actually be very sweet and fun to talk. i think once ur obsessed with something u can just talk my ear off about it, but i don't mind listening most of the time cause u also listen to my dumb shit. thanks for being a good friend.

i need the opinion get:



gameplay: 5/10 u suck at reading so badly it's almost laughable and u always fos me when i'm town for some reason. that being said, you at least know mechanics and how setups work which is something most of em doesn't know at this point.

charisma: 0/10

intelligence: ?/10

do me but if its mean ima cry
i like making fun of u and tbh we aren't close but u have always been nice to me. i think sometimes ur joke can be a bit cringey or awkward, but i also think sometimes u can be p funny.

again i'm not super close to you, but i loved girl chat which is such a great idea and you executed it so well!!! i can tell u have had a lot of struggles in life so keep on fighting the good fight and thanks for making such an amazing server.
wtf i just noticed you have me under "his gf has big booobs"
Arcbell12d 6h
meg12d 5h
redo mine
benny12d 5h
oh yes me too
wink12d 5h
hello i am kind of scared but would like an onion


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