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Here's my first ever EM forum that isn't about the games on the site. I know there's a huge big brother crowd here, so I want to link some of my favorite moments from BB US so we can all enjoy this wild ride of a show.

Share your own moments with links! Don't spoil the current season. Shhhhh.

By the way my unironic favorite season is 15. What a lovely trainwreck.

I'll update this every so often!

JoeAug 11, 2019
Be careful about reading if you don't want spoilers. This one spoils a piece of the midgame in BB17.

Here's a great one to start, on this link at 34:00.

Johnny Mac (robbed of America's player and has yet to make his triumphant return) is talking to Clay who's guaranteed to leave the house cause blah blah showmance. He tells Clay he thinks the mastermind of the game, Vanessa, is in the head of his showmance, Shelli. Retells and more retells later, Vanessa confronts Clay and JMac about the rumors being spread around.

Vanessa confronts Clay who's now defensive about this, because of course he is, he's a meathead. Vanessa is convinced he's lying.

JMac: "Yeah, I came up with that."
Vanessa: "You came up with that? Sounds like it came from you, Clay."

Never sleep on JMac. Way smarter than people give him credit for.

honeyAug 13, 2019
I watched bb18 recently and i feel like im like Bridgette the most which makes me wanna kms

also not spoiler but how dumB is it that Analyse’s nick name is ‘Sis’ because her sister calls her SIS AAAAAAAA
whitejeansAug 13, 2019
yay i love big brother : can never forget will's vote me out i hate you speech
toughAug 13, 2019
honestly 15 is my fav too wtf fake fans hate it because its "racist" but it had so many good moments... and i want aaryn back on a good vs. evil allstars but its not happening lol i want a redemption arc
megAug 13, 2019


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