Nanomite is a bad moderator25

Gulag9d 2h


Making repeated personal attacks toward another user when the user has asked the harasser to stop

Now I will describe a few relevant reports I have made against the user blacksnakemoan (BSM):

  1. BSM uses two racially-charged slurs against me in a hateful context. The moderator gives it a no-vio verdict. This was clearly me asking BSM to not do this.

  2. BSM uses the same type of language against me in the same context. The moderator Shoopie gives BSM a formal warning and tells him to stop.

  3. BSM waits for a month and then makes racist jokes against me and is, again, told to leave me alone.

  4. BSM waits for 8 months, then makes posts using racist language in my thread despite being told not to twice by moderators. NCRAW tells him to desist.

  5. BSM waits for a few weeks, then starts posting the first few letters of one of the racist words he has been told not to use against me or in my threads and acts like he doesn't know what he did. Nanomite gives a no-vio verdict, despite being aware of the previous comments by other moderators.

Also, this user has a long and extensive history of harassing other epicmafia users.

The moderator that handled this report, Nanomite, is clearly incompetent or is protecting their rulebreaking friend. Lucidrains, owner of this website, I suggest you demod Nanomite.

Sriracha2d 11h
blacksnakemoan more like whitesnakemoan
blacksnakemoan more like whitesnakemoan
from this day forward i am wsm
ivana1h 58m!
I don't understand how BSM is even still allowed on this website given his extensive history of harassing multiple users and the fact that he STILL continues to do so.

It's not just him, there's a lot of players that are breaking rules constantly and get away with it due to technicality. This is why Epicmafia is going downhill. I don't blame the moderators, as I think they do their jobs the best they can, it's just very annoying to deal with certain people overall. EM needs to be more strict in my opinion, but that's never happening because people are b*tching now at some rule changes.
alexandra9m 34s
ivana you’ve had more harassment vios than he has lol
alexandra8m 42s
you literally had 6 harassment vios at once and you are saying he should be PERMAbanned when he didn’t even have enough harassment vios for a ban at all