Ask me for a positive affirmation24

toxic14mon 5d

Since there is so much negativity being spread lately and tragic situations i want to give out cute different positive affirmations to everyone , ill pick one that i feel like matches w your avi or personality

love yall

piscesAug 13, 2019
this is so nice
toxic1Aug 13, 2019
this is so nice
When it comes to your life you are safe, you are living in the perfect environment, with the perfect people, you are safe, hardly anything can happen to you, your days are filled with positive experiences and laughter, you are safe, you can do and be whatever, no one is stopping you and no one is on your way, you decide what to do and who to be, no one is there to stop you, the universe responds to you with care and love, it acts according to your desires, you are provided with all the you need, you are in a safe place.

thank you so much ily <3
LizzyGrant1Sep 20, 2019
PhoenixiSep 20, 2019
toxic1 <3