[APPEAL] 2+ year long ban3

TimEd25404mon 7d

Hello everyone,

If you may not know me, that is because of a 2+ year-long ban that I am currently facing due to this report: https://epicmafia.com/report/215124

I don't know the moderator who handled the report, so I am posting my appeal in the complaints section.

I understand that I did GT a lot of games back in the day but that was because I loved to incite drama out of everything back in those times - I never realized that I was causing people to lose games and have to spend time asking for their refunds.

I now realize that as a person, maturity is something that needs to be taken seriously in this world, as shown through the rules on this website. I understand that it is important that each player on this website follow the rules to ensure a fair, safe, and happy environment.

I wish to be unbanned, and if I am not, that is fine with me too :)

But in all fairness, I have learned my lesson, and am willing to come back, and I am willing to hear from the community!

thecolonelAug 7, 2019
Say you're sorry
NeptuneAug 7, 2019!
PM an administrator.
interestAug 8, 2019
cry about it to ur therapist u gt'ing lil b*tch
Should I be unbanned?