NoobyBoi4mon 11d

Im a vegetarian, but would never go vegan. Eating living things which can feel pain is just wrong in many ways.

illuminatiAug 11, 2019
illuminatiAug 11, 2019
Small brain vegans lol
SkathiAug 16, 2019
I eat tofu to kill cows.

After years of being farmed for meat cows are like animal beta cucks with no survival skills apart from being tasty for the alpha chad humans. Once we upgrade to the LIFEFUEL TOFU we will have no need for them so we can set them lose and let them be eaten by rabbits or whatever their natural predator would be idek.
MonteCarrloAug 16, 2019
We have not worked millions of years to become the dominant species to just eat plants. We must enjoy the meat of our labors. All those beasts are quite inferior to us, they are weak, and the weak get eaten. If they do not want to feel pain then they should be stronger and faster and outrun us or outfight us. They are losers, so they get punished by mother nature.
honeyAug 25, 2019
macAug 26, 2019
boutta eat so much portk in support of brazil watch me fellas


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