EM Fantasy Football League26

muki19d 23h

Hey everyone! I'm still here (kind of). Anyway, a few of us talked about setting up an EM Fantasy Football league last year, so I wanted to gauge interest and see if we could get 10-12 people to play

Time commitment: Be at the live draft, set your lineup each week

If you're interested in joining, let me know below!

november 22 2012? yeah i was alive and i was a pats fan.

how were the bulls' championship celebrations after 1998? oh wait...

were you even a bulls fan back then?
Milton12341d 22h!
bulls went 22-60 in 2018-19 so idk who's talking
22-60 sound about like Toronto record in 2020 xD
Ay, the pats with their secret weapon, Adams the coach will bring back the bowl once more
22-60 sound about like Toronto record in 2020 xD
let's see you play, can you do any better? it's funny how you have such a big mouth when you trash on other teams but you can't do any better yourself. if you can't do better, don't make fun of people who can.
American Rugby Rubbish.
Which of the following randomly selected EM users do you think would be the best football player?