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Hello everyone! I'm Joe, and despite my constant trolling around this site, I have a passion for the games here and the people I've met.

Two years ago I used to run the HOTTEST survivor games the site has ever seen, named after my old family. The game, which we called Glowvivor (after our family name, The Afterglow), sadly ended in its fourth season as the core group of us could never find the time to do it. UNTIL NOW, YO! (See the old records below)

Starting next week, I want to begin a new game. Bigger, better, more planned out, and with a CASH PRIZE!

If you are interested, I will provide you with all the details of the game before the general EM audience gets it. There will be 14 players.

What you need to know it this.

You will need a discord and a working headset. You will need access to the Survivor lobby. You will need a venmo for me to give you your winnings. It might help to know the rules of the Big Brother reality show format, cause that's what we'll be using. You will need to be free any time during the following hours (we won't be playing during all of them by any means, so don't worry): Tuesday 8/13/19, Wednesday 8/14/19, Monday 8/19/19, Tuesday 8/20/19, Wednesday 8/21/19 (All between the hours of 10:30 PM and 2 AM EST)

More information on how this will work and the rules therein to follow. Be sure to check here for updates! Post here if you're interested!

That's all for now. Welcome one and all.

This is...

Lights Out!

Enamored17d 11h
test i would like to fill if available xd
Joe17d 9h
You're on deck, friend. Our stars are taking their sweet time getting back to me on important information, so we'll see where this leads.
I can swap with her if she rly want it, I have to look at times since I work and she would get more pleasure out of it.
LizzyGrant117d 9h
eu times are crying
Sadly, yes, it has advantages and disadvantages
put me in coaach
Joe15d 23h
Keep posting here if you're interested! People don't like to respond to things I need on time.
Joe12d 21h
Got the Discord server all set up! Wait for further pms and invites!
Enamored11d 8h
can someone send me le discord link, i never got the pm qq
Joe11d 4h
The final cast is all set up in the server, the rules are set, and the game is finalized.

Get ready for Tuesday when this thing gets ROLLING!
Joe10d 18h
Hey guys, theoretically two spots are open again. If anyone is interested lmk.
Jus10d 18m
I'm letting you know
NoobyBoi9d 13h
NoobyBoi9d 13h
Joe7d 1h!
The game begins tonight!

Who are you rooting for to win?

Be sure to check back for updates!
Anne6d 21h
i'm rooting for montecarrlo to lose
matt6d 17h
Gonna be real with anyone that missed tonight, this was a fantastic experience and Joe really put a lot of work into this and deserves a medal.
meg/APsychologist has to win or we riot
doggo6d 7h
meg/APsychologist has to win or we riot
Joe19h 35m
Updated standings! Purple is jury, black evicted, and yellow is still a shining star.

I hope you guys are ready to read my narrator retrospective when this is all over. I'll be excited to write it.

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