Teamfight Tactics4

Shamzy4mon 16d

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EUW: Shamzy

APsychologistAug 4, 2019!
Teamfight tactics:

Miss your ults.

Feed your opponent.

Don't auto attack , just stay behind.

Shield yourself and spam #laugh when your ADC dies.
Don't forget to trash talk(important, this is the essence of game):D.

Now, become a challenger, a god-tier player and
rise up to Worlds:D
NanomiteAug 4, 2019
Teamfight tactics:
But I do those in the "real" game too
SpookyAug 4, 2019
@dragonspooky on EUW

everyone may add me to play anything :D
ZhuorbAug 6, 2019
EUW: TobiasgC
Garena: Variance