RIP MafiaGod471

End of an era. Self deleted because this site is watered down af. Its sad because I know you cared about this site as much as anyone.

Created Chronic & Crunk, which has been the number 1 family for what seems like forever [as long as i can remember],..thanks for setting the standard of what a epicmafia family should be and gathering all the top players into one spot, and creating Epicmafia Olympics which pitted all the top families against each other. [wish someone would revive this and make epicmafia families relevant again]. Although Lucid f**ked families up by letting more than 15 players be able to be in them.

Long Live C&C.

UniversalStudiosJul 21, 2019
I mean you're not going to have someone coming in here and slurring you for your beliefs so probably not.
UniversalStudiosJul 21, 2019
Why self delete when you're just going to spend the time until you either log into an alt or remake thinking about this site?
ShamzyJul 21, 2019
Jeff what did you do
D3xTr0m3th0rph4nJul 21, 2019
Why self delete when you're just going to spend the time until you either log into an alt or remake thinking about this site?
He doesnt play much and got fed up with the way SanFranWangster is running the ship..he made it quite clear. What better way to make a statement than deleting one of the most iconic accounts here..peep the 500 posts.
NCRAWJul 21, 2019
Yes the way he left is controversial
But are you actually going to do something about the rule/implementation which allowed for this scenario to happen in the first place?
Id be lying if I said I haven't but its not the responsibility or power that I or other mods hold, last time I checked (especially around community vio's it is approved by Lucid)
GreninjaJul 22, 2019
when I self delete will I get a thread like this
if you self i promise i'll make a thread for you
PincheJul 23, 2019
Jeff what did you do
made something up and he said it was true so i'd look bad and when i didn't get in trouble for his lie he self deleted lol
PincheJul 23, 2019!
also he wasn't really an icon he just had a ton of games and constantly tried to sell his products on the site and when no one bought them he'd leave for a year before coming back with some more products lol. well known sure but an icon is a stretch seeing as he was objectively bad at the game and had a losing winrate after nearly 10k games. furthermore, all he did was delete his account idk why that deserves any reverence or why we are acting like he deserves all this respect now as if he died. he deleted his account because he got a vio for repeated ableism. there's nothing commendable happening here.
illuminatiJul 23, 2019
What a gay post.
TorreadorJul 23, 2019
RIP Mafiagod. You were an icon, no matter what people might say.
PreposterousPoserJul 23, 2019