how to sneak into heaven1

Karmatica4mon 28d

hi epicmafians, as the baddest biss of 2019, I was aproached last week by someone irl and was tolded that I was going to hell! I told him I wasn't worrieded because I knew how to sneak into heaven.

Step 1: Take your sexiest lingerie with you to hell

Step 2: Wear your lingerie and seduce the respected members of hell like hitler and sadam hussein until they agree to take you to the gate to hell

Step 3: Seduce the guards until they open the doors for you

Congratulations, you're free from hell! If you're not sexy enough, that's probably as far as you'll get. And that's probably most of you :(

glad i could helped you all!

amourJul 10, 2019
this was very informational thank u