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Giga134mon 6d

I'll keep it short--Here's an idea I have for competitive rounds, called:

"Rotation Rounds"

  • Once every 3? 5? (whatever number you want) rounds
  • Only one setup is comped at a time
  • The setup comped changes every 2 days of round play (i.e. if the round is paused, it doesn't count as a day) at midnight EST/heart reset (therefore everybody running would need to play at least 5 hearts on every setup)
  • Each trophy winner from the previous round still picks two setups before the round begins, and the moderators post those setups publicly in the Round Discussion Thread (or just decomp them from the Round page when the round starts, save for whichever setup is comped for the first 2 days). Most rounds are 10 days or less so only 5 of the 6 setups will be played, more than likely. The setup that isn't played will obviously still be eligible for next round.
  • The setup order for the round is done randomly, and not in advance. i.e. Nobody knows which setup of the 6 chosen by the previous round's winners will come next at any point in the round, unless the round goes to Day 11 or beyond--which rarely happens.

Comments, questions, thoughts, ideas below please.

Just looking for some variety instead of seeing one or two setups out of six dominate rounds for the entirety of the competitive round system. It adds another element to competitive play and trophy running which has never been seen before, and gets people to play 5 out of the 6 setups comped in a round nearly equivalently, as opposed to just 1 or 2. We've had this system on the site for over 10 years now, and it hasn't changed in that time at all other than eligibility for competitive setups, except for "themed rounds" i.e. The Santa Round. The last actual major change to competitive rounds was the lowering the score needed to end the round, from 2500 to 2000 points, in late 2008. The only other real change was the removal of losing 50 points on your total round score for every suicide you had in the round, in late 2012/early 2013.

And if you don't know what you think, why not just test it for a round. I can help facilitate it and we can see if it's something people would enjoy or not.

PatrykSzczescieJul 13, 2019!
I think you have to play at least 5 on every setup no matter what
Oh yeah, that's true, I was wrong.

Back to the general topic: Let's say that lucid doesn't change the comp mechanic because either it's too complicated or too much work is needed and doesn't know if the result would be that fruitful. We can have mods enforce this rule for a round or two as they can comp setups, decomp setups and refund games so it's enough that there's a mod responsible to keep the rules of rotation round. The mod needs to be active at midnights, consult with trophy winners about setups and remind the community that if unauthorized setups are played, games of those will be refunded.
Giga13Jul 13, 2019
Yeah lucid doesn't have to change anything and you could still do this


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