1v1 Battle Snakes Tournament #140

LIoyd4mon 7d

All, we now have 32 players.

Here are your groups. You will need to get with each player in your group and play them in two one on one games. The winner is responsible for screenshotting the game and posting it here. Please include date & time. For the rest of the format, reference the thread in Main Lobby General Discussion of the same title as this thread.

Here are the groups:

GROUP 1: Spadez Ddjj123qwe Xtal Meg

GROUP 2: January Nebulas SteelCurtain Staypositivefriend

GROUP 3: Transcend Evo Mac Lloyd

GROUP 4: Mssbooklover Christ777 Swan Shootinstarx

GROUP 5: Ozil Alexandra PlsGunMe Starlysama

GROUP 6: CrypticHatter999 Disoriented Space PrinceZekken

GROUP 7: Leb Ivana Overcat Rayni

GROUP 8: Superspooky Toxic1 Mouths Jenny

All of these groups were selected randomly. Please share your screenshots from your games in this thread. (Winner is responsible to do this.)

Also, if you draw in round 1, it is not allowed to make an agreement with another player not to count it. One of the players will need to screenshot it and share it.

Good luck and may the odds be ever in your favor.

emcoJul 10, 2019
january and emco game 2 (1-1, so 4 points each) https://imgur.com/yTtbqnR
LIoydJul 10, 2019
Here is what I believe to be a discord.

LIoydJul 10, 2019
Emco, my understanding is that you played January twice, and you each won one game. So from those games alone, its 3 pts. for each of you.
LIoydJul 10, 2019
PrinceZekken beat CrypticHatter999 in both games.

I am just putting this here for reference.
BlisterJul 10, 2019
May i sign up
LIoydJul 10, 2019
Blister, we are full right now, and there is one reserve in front of you in line, but if two people drop out, you can have a spot.
SpookyJul 10, 2019
I'm at 4 points so my second place is secure!
emcoJul 10, 2019
oops i thought it was 1pt for a loss 2pts for a draw 3pts for a win my bad x
LIoydJul 11, 2019
CrypticHatter999 and Disoriented each beat each other once.

Jenny beat Toxic1 twice.

Just for reference.
LIoydJul 12, 2019
CrypticHatter999 beat space twice.
LIoydJul 12, 2019
Ozil and starlysama each beat each other once.
LIoydJul 13, 2019
FloatAssistantSO has taken overcat's place.
LIoydJul 15, 2019
Mouths beat Jenny twice.
TranscendJul 15, 2019
lloyd beat transcend twice first game was epic second game sucked @$$
MouthsJul 15, 2019

LIoydJul 16, 2019
Mouths beat toxic1 twice.

Lloyd beat Transcend twice.

Lloyd and Mac each beat each other once.

Christ777 beat shootinstarx twice.
SteelCurtainJul 18, 2019

SteelCurtainJul 18, 2019

I posted the same screenshot twice whoops
LIoydJul 22, 2019
PrinceZekken beat Space twice.
LIoydJul 22, 2019
PrinceZekken and Disoriented each beat each other once.