natal chart75

tzin16d 9h

post your chart and i'll read it

if you don't know what a natal chart is you can find yours here

Suna13d 1h
The fault is indeed in our stars, Brutus and Cassius never had a chance in Hell.
Venus in Taurus
Let's get physical! You love to touch and you can be possessive. You love food and all the creature comforts. Money and what it buys are important. You are a gentle lover and like a good home life. You are loyal, loving, and down-to-earth. You may like gardening and gift-giving.

Mars Square Saturn
You waste a lot of energy sailing into the wind and clashing against authority or reality for no good reason. You resent having to get serious, go to work, and take on responsibilities. Your efforts tend to lack the determination and organization necessary for real accomplishment. Very little can be accomplished without some sort of discipline and training, and you resist these like the devil. You avoid work.
Natal chart of one Adolf Hitler
Suna13d 1h
wink13d 1h
the scorpio JUMPED out holy shit
Suna13d 1h
Scorpio(and extreme mental health issues not sure if related or just bad luck lmao) in all fields.
tzin13d 58m
suna you have a very similar chart to my mother.
mac13d 30m
How can one know if a woman is bisexual. Are there any special signs in behaviour and in looks? I mean is it common in families? Or is it a spontanous mutation?
Suna13d 13m
suna you have a very similar chart to my mother.
Yes I know I'm cute thank you
emily12d 13h

space12d 3h
damn if your venus and mars weren't in cancer you would have the most stable chart on here
amour12d 2h
mac the leo king
space12d 1h
Astrology isn't real but it is fun to know about
There might be something to this stuff
the duality of man
Suna12d 1h
Scorpio master race here, just wanna confirm it's pretty great.