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syd17d 12h

does anyone here believe that astrological signs dictate personality? i'm not sure where i stand on the whole thing. i'm a pisces and we are known to be incredibly sensitive and sympathetic but both my siblings who are also pisces aren't very sensitive or sympathetic, not as much as i am at least. give your opinion i'm curious to see where people stand on the topic

wink16d 9h
January 28th 1998 and INFP :D
syd16d 8h
some1 explain what my natal chart means
comment on tzin's thread
Shoopie16d 8h
My boyfriend is really into that stuff and always compares me to his brother because we are both scorpios and we are very similar but I don't really believe in it because I've seen a huge spectrum of weird in Libras and Geminis idk..

also INTP
space16d 8h
space16d 8h
also i'll make the case that it doesn't necessarily matter if astrology is real or fake. from what i've seen, very few people who care about it are not particularly concerned about whether it's real or fake.
they're looking for ways to understand themselves, understand how the traits they value most in themselves need to be nurtured, and understand what they value in or desire from the people in their life.
i don't understand how it can bring any of those things you mention if it isn't real
hikineet15d 1h
if you're not making genderless sеxless deity characters based on the domiciles you're using astrology wrong

also there's a post out on the interwebs putting astrology in the same group as believing in aliens (both as things that make you ~sеxy~ and ~interesting~) and i just hope their homestuck ripoff energies are giving them a very bad time rn