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Linke and I are hosting a jotto tournament

Join the discord:



Each competitor will play two games with each of the other competitor in their group. Each game won will grant you one point. Jotto on EM randomly chooses who gets the first turn, so if the same person goes first in both games, they must play their starting word twice to ensure fairness.

After all competitors have played each other twice (six games each) the top two ranked players in each group progress to finals. Finishing first in group will also mean that in next stage you get first turn priority, so don’t get complacent if you’re already safe.

Winner of game sends me or Linke the screenshot.

Here's the matchups for Round 1:


  • 1st: 60 tokens or a $10 gift card
  • 2nd: 40 tokens
  • 3rd: 20 tokens

Draw will be World Cup format. Players will be randomly placed into 4-player groups and face off against everyone in their group. The top two players of each group will move on to a single-elimination draw.

Games will be played on EM and results of each game will be screenshotted and pm'd to me or Linke. Games will be scheduled by the players at a time that works for both parties. here's a guide of how to play if you've never played before


  • All games will be 5-letters. You may use any words allowed by the game. See for a list of all valid words.
  • Anagrams and obscure words are allowed since it's impossible to enforce a rule against them - anything in the list is valid.
  • You'll get 48 hours from assignment of your opponent to complete the games (we are willing to make exceptions if any emergencies or issues arise)
  • Might add more rules later in case I forgot any

If you're interested in signing up, post the username of the account you would like your prize to be sent to.

We are full but if you'd like to sign up as an alternate let me know

Rest of the list cuz it won't fit:

31 LHarney PINK

32 KickinBananaz PINK


mattJul 6, 2019
Navy stacked but Aziz and Brett will probably win lol
januaryJul 6, 2019!


You have until 11:59 EST July 9th to complete the TWO matches against your opponent

- Make sure you guys both have a chance to go first
- Winner needs to send me or Linke a screenshot
OzilJul 6, 2019
sinb and ozil vs world lets go
toxic1Jul 6, 2019
so when am i getting my prize?
OzilJul 6, 2019
so when am i getting my prize?
when u beat everyone
toxic1Jul 6, 2019
already did
lebJul 6, 2019
Jotto more LIKE
....oh my GOD i didn't say i wanted to play.....
januaryJul 6, 2019!
Jotto more LIKE
....oh my GOD i didn't say i wanted to play.....
ok bye pleb
FloatAssistantSOJul 9, 2019
hey! Is an alternate spot still open?


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