Mentor/Mentee sign up thread v749

Ozil28d 12h

About mentoring system:

This time it will something different compared to last time. This time we are aiming for new players who are starting to play the game and players who are NEW to comp and want to learn about comp set ups and mechanics. You can choose your desired mentor.

I have few mentors that I got to work with me. If anyone else wants to be mentor you can contact me.

I have few mentors that I got to work with me. If anyone else wants to be mentor you can contact me.

If you're interested in signing up as a mentee or mentor, feel free to either comment on this thread or pm me at:

How to apply:

Format for applying as mentee

Main username:

Type of mentorship: [Basic, Intermediate ]

Availability: Additional notes:


Format for applying as mentor

Main Username: What qualifies you to be a mentor?

Why do you want to be a mentor?

Which level of mentees would you like to teach?

What would you like to get out of the mentoring program & what Would you like to give to it?

What days and times are you available to mentor?


wink22d 7h
Main username: wink

Type of mentorship: intermediate

Availability: usually evenings around 10-11pm EST

Additional notes: please help me
Tyzen22d 4h
Main username: Tyzen

Type of mentorship: intermediate

Availability: usually available weekends and evenings 7-9pm EST

Additional notes: I'd like to understand a few roles better, and learn strategies in commonly played setups.
space22d 3h
Here's my question: what qualifies as basic mentorship and what qualifies as intermediate?
Skathi22d 2h
Am offering my mentorship to anyone who PMs me.

Top tips include:

Mafia should not claim as mafia
Cop should investigate people
Try to vote before the timer runs out.

More top tips if you PM me. Only taking advanced players for this high level tips.
Phlorax18d 13h
for especially skilled mafia they can try not only avoiding claiming mafia but also claiming a town role
Posting on behalf of AeonFlex

Main username: AeonFlex

Type of mentorship: Basic & Intermediate

Availability: Free most days except for work.

Timezone: GMT
Ozil15d 10h
tell him to contact me
emco12d 17h
Main username: emco

Type of mentorship: I think a lot of people would say I need basic but I am gonna go out on a limb here and ask for intermediate

Availability: I usually play in evening/night but my timezone changes all the time! In GMT+9 for 3 weeks, then GMT for a week, then GMT-4 for 3 weeks... anyone with a weird sleep schedule would be cool lol.

Additional notes: check my pie to see how trash I am before you take on this challenge

Timezone: see above
Vindra12d 14h
Will I be spanked by Vanity if I was his mentee? :doge:


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