Graveyard order5

Giga131mon 1d

Please make it so that the graveyard lists players in the order that they die from top to bottom again, and not by whatever order it is now

Makes it hard to follow who got killed in what order. Maybe even put a little subscript letter and number at the bottom left of their avatar so that it says what night or day they died (i.e. If Giga13 dies on Night 1, put "N1" beside his avatar in the Graveyard)

Should actually make the order like this for living players too, in the order which people join a table and not by lowest user ID


In the lobby when games are in progress it shows the incorrect night number, Night 1 should say Night 1, but right now it says Night 0. Night 2 should say Night 2, but it says Night 1, etc. The night numbers are basically behind by 1 all the time right now. The day numbers are fine.


admin1mon 1d
ahh sure, this is possible to add
omg lucid
admin1mon 1d
omg lucid
lilin1mon 1d
there seems to be a mod bug where i cant see myself on the mod page.. very weird
quasimodo1mon 1d
add some fun confetti effects like when you text someone on an iphone but it only happens when host is killed