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Newlywed’s is back, and it’s time to put your hearts on the line once again! How well do you know your partner? How well do they know you? Find out through signing up and playing!

Sign up with a partner and go head-to-head with 3 other pairings.

Each game will consist of 8 players in total which equals 4 Brides, 4 Grooms, and 4 couples. Specify which one of you wants to be the Bride and Groom; otherwise you’ll be randomly assigned a title.


There are two groups: The Brides and the Grooms.

There will be two rounds in total.

One round will be for the Grooms to answer questions about the Brides, the other for the Brides to answer questions about the Grooms. Both groups will be sent 10 questions before their round begins, each group getting a different set of questions.

You and your partner will try to answer as many questions about each other correctly as you possibly can. Each question is worth 10 points; the pair with the highest score will be crowned the best couple!


  • Discord is required. You will be using both discord and the EM browser to play.

  • You will be sent questions and asked to submit them through discord, while answering questions will be happening through the EM game.

  • The game will last around an hour or two.

  • Both players must post in the thread to confirm your spot. First come, first serve.

thecolonelJun 19, 2019
I am triggered beyond fukcing belief
thecolonelJun 19, 2019
Pretty sure I'm gonna mgtow
lilinJun 19, 2019
actually 100% of these players actively circlejerk/ERP with the mods

SOURCE: im in the discord
LesbianPirateJun 23, 2019
For a last minute swap, ZzFifthElementzZ has picked CrypticHatter as a replacement partner!
ISamEIJun 23, 2019
let me know if you need a replacement for a whole couple cause i have a partner who may also play
LesbianPirateJun 23, 2019
6/23’s Newlywed’s has officially begun!
We had some last minute changes, but the official couples playing are:

SinB and Anne
Syd and Meg
Muki and Char
Eadin and Emma
ZzFifthElementzZ and CrypticHatter999

If you’d like to spectate, you can do so here: https://epicmafia.com/game/7036215
SinBJun 23, 2019!
dead last. iconic duo. go us!!
AnneJun 23, 2019
Haha yes Jon I did make that typo you must be really clever if you could read a typo I noticed and corrected and then restate it as if it’s the funniest shit ever. You must have a degree in funny because you are a real comedic genius.
LesbianPirateJun 23, 2019

Thank you so much to our lovely couples who made it and played today, you all were so much fun to host and I'm glad to have had you!

After totaling up both round's points, we officially have a winner...

5th Place goes to SinB and Anne with a total of 95 points.

4th Place goes to Meg and Syd with a total of 105 points.

3rd Place goes to Char and Muki with a total of 110 points.

However, we had a tie for first place. Both couples managed to score a total of 180 points, but only one can be the winner. After asking the Brides of these couples to pick heads or tails, a coin flip was done to determine the winner.
LesbianPirateJun 23, 2019
Both with a total of 180 points, couple Eadin and Emma coin flips with couple ZzFifthElementzZ and CrypticHatter999.

ZzFifthElementzZ picks tails.
Eadin picks tails.

Re-pick is asked.

ZzFifthElementzZ stays with tails.
Eadin picks heads.

The coin flipped HEADS!
LesbianPirateJun 23, 2019!

Congratulations to Eadin and Emma for being our very first Newlywed’s “Best Couple!”.
You don’t win anything other than the satisfaction of your love. Also, this cute picture.

Good job to the Runner-ups, ZzFifthElementzZ and CrypticHatter999. Sorry you lost to a coin flip!
fifthelementJun 23, 2019
YAY! Second place with one of my best friends who I absolutely love! Thanks for hosting LesbianPirate, yet another awesome game I enjoy with the best <3 Thanks to Cryptic too, love you both
LesbianPirateJun 23, 2019
Scores and answers can be found here:


https://i.imgur.com/FVOxHJB.png (Groom)
https://i.imgur.com/6YkU97E.png (Bride)

If you'd like to revisit the discord groups, let me know anytime.
thecolonelJul 1, 2019
Congratulations guys. No hard feelings.
MoriOct 30, 2019
I wanna play this someone should set up one like it
megOct 30, 2019
yes someone remake this
WadanoharaOct 30, 2019
I love Mori
SpadezOct 31, 2019


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