Steph Thread219

Reamix19mon 17d

Good Morning. I made this thread because I was sick but now I am recovering and taking Tylenol like a madwoman. But I'll keep this personal thread forever to complain about all things instead.

So ask me about anything or listen to me whine, your choice.

bdog1321Oct 25, 2020
ermahgerd sterph
bouquetOct 26, 2020
proud of u steph, did u attend in person tho
yeah i did i knew i was negative the day before dnd and i wasn't really symptomatic anymore, anyone i've been around hasn't gotten sick ;-; it was just me
bouquetOct 26, 2020
ermahgerd sterph
omg it's bdog
bouquetNov 2, 2020
i love when my boss calls me and i miss the call by 7 minutes and they dont pick up when i call them back so i get to have anxiety about this for the rest of the night or until i hear back
bouquetNov 2, 2020
the online payroll system for time sheets makes no sense i accidentally added and appointment i didnt do and cant edit it or delete it im gonna scream
bouquetNov 3, 2020
kind of a brutal thing to write about but i found out just after voting today that a person who died in a fire in my hometown was the mom of one of my old friends when i was really little

her and my mom used to be really close and me and my sister were close with all of her kids back in the day and idk that's such a scary sad way to go

i've been lucky enough not to have anyone i'm close with meet an untimely death in my life but anytime someone i know dies it reminds me of how finite everything is and it terrifies me at the same time and now im in a sad funk about it all
bouquetNov 11, 2020
y'all ever just have one of those days where u hate ur body and ur face and every part of u that can be perceived by others... yea it's the worst
bouquetNov 12, 2020
depression sucks bc i should be happy that i'm finally home from work after a long day but nope i still feel like sh*t
bouquetNov 18, 2020!
I made the decision recently to start over on writing one of the books I was working on that I had lost all my work for back in February. I just started and I find I'm having a hard time writing it and I hope it's just because I have to do all this work again so it seems harder to me.

Sometimes I think I have really regressed as a writer and that I can't write as well as I used to because I'm not in school anymore or because I don't have this big giant influence in my life going awry that made me a writer in the first place.
bouquetNov 22, 2020
i offered lucid $10 to reset my pw for reamix and he even ignored that email

aquariusNov 22, 2020
Someone offered him like 40k to buy the site and he turned it down so don't feel bad

Lucid is too busy ubering to give us any attention
bouquetNov 22, 2020
Someone offered him like 40k to buy the site and he turned it down so don't feel bad

Lucid is too busy ubering to give us any attention
omg... why wouldn't he sell a website he doesn't even care about
bouquetNov 24, 2020
God i just feel SO UGLY lately and it blows
bouquet1mon 24d
I hate this society that literally makes me think I cant have a break bc i need money even if i actually have a savings rn financial anxiety never endsssss
bouquet1mon 6d
it personally offends me that my face has the audacity to break out as a natural hormonal reaction to my period cycle approaching - like yes, i get it this is SUPPOSED to happen but it doesn't mean it should
bouquet24d 9h
Depression sucks bc sometimes you are doing fine then you decide to take a 1 hr nap and wake up with this giant dark cloud over your head.
bouquet11d 8h
I feel like absolute sh*t.
bouquet6d 13h!
Sometimes getting things done is very difficult. I completed one out of many things to do today and I'm trying not to beat myself up about it. Some days are hard for me to the point where doing this one thing made me dizzy, nauseous, and gave me a headache. If I'm able to feel more energized later I will try to do one more thing but if not I need to remind myself that it's okay and that looming dread I feel for not having finished is unfounded. Nothing bad will happen.
bouquet1d 16h
I finally got Halsey's poetry book. I've always really admired the way she writes and I'm hoping by looking at some of her actual poetry it'll inspire me to write a bit more.

Without inspiration in my personal life I really struggle to write. I guess that is something a lot of writers can relate to but idk coming up with things without a prompt or even writing from a perspective or experience that is not my own is very difficult for me.

Gonna try to write a few poems today and see how it goes! :-)


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