Where Did My Thread Go 2 - Sequel233

thecolonel5mon 1h

I would like to continue discussion of where my thread went

deletedJun 29, 2019
this is what jamal khashoggi died for
thecolonelJun 29, 2019!

thecolonelJun 29, 2019!
Swerved like a motherfcker lol
thecolonelJun 29, 2019
"It's a sad sad day. Thanks for watching."
thecolonelJun 30, 2019
Most developed countries consider solitary confinement analogous to torture. Not sure why forum suspensions are given out so flippantly.
thecolonelJul 3, 2019
Scientifically speaking: Vaccines IQ 5G Autism Race Global Warming Cancer?
thecolonelJul 7, 2019!
What is the best guide for learning social skills? I'm trying to study it somewhat systematically, and tracking my progress like I'd do a workout program, however, it's very slow with pure personal experimenting, without any solid guiding principles. If i google this, all i find is very superficial self-help bs. Does anyone know a reliable and somewhat scientific guide describing how to "be social" better?
EliJul 8, 2019
I wish
thecolonelJul 16, 2019
Day 43
PincheJul 16, 2019
groundhogdayJul 17, 2019
Where did my account go
groundhogdayJul 17, 2019!
Why are there sensations?

What the fck is going on?
groundhogdayJul 17, 2019