Epimafia Assassins877

ISamEI13d 8h

The game works like this:

  • For every six posts you post in a row in this thread, you get one point
  • If someone interrupts you before you make six posts in a row, you are assassinated and die
  • You can make more than six posts in a row, but if you do you aren't safe until your twelfth post... then your eighteenth post... then your twenty-fourth post... etc.
  • If you die, you are no longer allowed to post in this thread (and if you do make any further posts, they don't count). Your point tally is also set to zero
  • Posts by the host don't count for anything
  • The game is called "Epimafia Assassins" cause you are assassinating each other with epipens, not because the host made a typo (shhh)

Player with the most points at the end of the earns a lovely sticker.

Happy posting!

Edit: Rule clarifications If it wasn't clear before, any posts in this thread count as a post. Replying, asking questions, commenting, posting to kill someone else, will all leave you vulnerable to be killed.

If you want to appeal take it up in dms.

You can use alts since I can't enforce an alt ban. However, if you have an alt contribute to a score on your main account (example: points on Matt and Transcend both go to Matt), then if one of those accounts die, both do. If you don't claim your alt the first time you score with it, then you can't transfer the points from your alt to your main later.

perduta4d 19h
perduta4d 19h
paradise4d 17h
dzanek is the Epicmafia Assassin with a total of 15 points!

In second place among alive players is Matt (6 points) and shady12/incorrigible tied for 3rd (5 points each).

Shady12 had the most kills, with 4.

18/72 users scored at least one point and survived, which means if you are alive you are in the top 25% of the game.

Among the dead, Painfomr had the most points (13), then Float assistant (7) and after that Bannanaxd (6).

Spreadsheet here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1rTtdcuHpT5JO_bTpP_ImVgrsDHzY2PbgOT6W2UmOxmU/edit?usp=sharing
paradise4d 17h
Well, paradise killed me
matt4d 15h
matt4d 15h
matt4d 15h
matt4d 15h
matt4d 15h
SinB4d 15h
it's over matt. congrats!
matt4d 15h
There now I have 7 points, I win!
Challenge! (not that it affects anything much) - I think I was killed by dzanek and not by citadel as he was using his alt. thanks!
perduta4d 2h
ISamEI3d 18h
Challenge! (not that it affects anything much) - I think I was killed by dzanek and not by citadel as he was using his alt. thanks!
The rules were ambiguously written but I think I stated alts could be used.

"You can use alts since I can't enforce an alt ban."
dzanek11433d 17h!
I'm trying to imagine users like Ethereal with 30 alts. You simply play a point per alt and those successful ones you attach to one account and failures are just forgotten. That's how it could be won without any risks. Too sad knowing FloatAssistant was disqualified sooner than expected.

All I have done was finding this forum game in the last 24 hours and just playing when most active users are dead. Also, timezones are a thing.

paradise, fooled ya! You thought I was dead but the real assassin doesn't make anybody know of their existence, except for those who paid them. :)

Thanks for playing! Overall, I enjoyed the most: paradise's reaction that I was alive.


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How many points will the winner have?