lucid demod char27

Soluciones14d 17m
+1 nv vio vio

mods go around vioing players for saying disrespectful things but they can wish other people were dead.

and btw no admin answered this even though it is a complaint.

charley12d 4h
i was calling you stupid, stupid.
biology says otherwise. also,

waste of oxygen is a bit of a stretch for saying stupid
denial11d 21h
in words of a certified biologist

"oxygen is a limited resource that is required for humans to breath. When you say that someone is a waste of oxygen, you say that they should not be breathing or living. It should not have been tolerated here, especially by a mod."
get the words of a certified english major then and have them explain to you that telling somebody they are a waste of oxygen is not equal to them telling you that they wish you would die
thecolonel11d 14h

How will it be decided

In progress for an hour

Mass deliberation moderation council undergoing ritualistic blood sacrifice for divine guidance I can't fkcuinf BREATHE
really just fukcing.. Sorry.. Seriously
thecolonel11d 14h!
I know how many people I hurt with this.. they didn't deserve it.. what the fukc have I become
JM12310d 3h
shes so toxic and condescending!
truly, a waste of oxygen.
restrict gun setups for comp to only the one who wins gold