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LesbianPirate15mon 20d

Welcome ladies and gentlemen and nonbinaries to the revival of EM's Movie Mondays!


Every other Monday we get together and watch a movie of the community's choice. We'll let you pick through a strawpoll of suggestions for that week in the comments, and the most popular suggestion will be featured.

All of this will be through; you don't have to sign up, guests will be allowed in the room!


  • Hosted through
  • Movie Monday will almost always happen at 8PM EST
  • Movie Monday's are bimonthly
  • We have access to Netflix and Hulu
  • Sometimes we'll VC in the EM discord server while watching, feel free to join us.
  • You can suggest your own movies, we might put it in the strawpoll for next week.

This will be hosted by mac and I, so if you have any questions about this feel free to ask us.

evoJun 18, 2019
LesbianPirateJun 18, 2019
Our first Movie Monday was a success and we were happy to host it for all who joined!

Next Movie Monday won't be next week, we'll be posting here to let you know when the next one is so stick around.
thecolonelJun 19, 2019
Waiting with bated breath


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