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Alyssa14mon 3d

Lucid added a new tab under the learn page, so for users crafting setups I recommend checking it out!

AlyssaJun 9, 2019
There's also a new game mode(Banishment) and 2 new roles(Chandler and Charmer) added in the past week for the curious
BlisterJun 9, 2019
how long have sunset/infiltration/quiet night been there? i don't recognise them
AlyssaJun 9, 2019
not sure about sunset but the other two were added around 6 or so months ago when lucid was around adding a ton of new stuff
lilinJun 9, 2019
this isn't new
AlyssaJun 9, 2019
ya quiet night and infiltration are 6 months old so they're not new
lilinJun 9, 2019
whats the point in this thread
AlyssaJun 9, 2019
sharing information to be used for setups
aquariusJun 24, 2019
umm one problem i've noticed is the mechs page says a player doesnt know they have a suit - it tells you if you have been given a suit by a tailor, so thats wrong
BeepBeepLettuceJun 24, 2019
wow i never noticed this. also i never knew about banishment mode. i just knew about the new roles when my thing was glitched out
BeepBeepLettuceJun 24, 2019
edit nvm i knew about graveyard lynches. i thought it went by another name.
RepAOCSep 5, 2019
Ty Alyssa