meg16d 11h

u know what it is

i wont be hurtful but i will be honest

paragraph/ranking/both (if not specified ill decide for u)

i retract
cabblorp12d 6h
hi meg, u don't know who I am
meg11d 8h
me pls! both
cutie pie!!! im so glad we are friends now cause u are always so sweet and wholesome:) u give everyone the best advice and ur there when anyone is going through some sort of issue. like if any of us posts something sad u will go out of ur way to make them feel better just cause thats who u are as a person. i also really like how stern you are to people without coming off too rude, like i said in the ranking u tell it like it is and give 0 f*cks LOL. respect. i think you have matured a lot since we first met and im happy to see how calm & collected u are with things now, i literally used to avoid u cus i thought u were some rude b*tch but its cus we never fully knew eachother and i didnt get to see how good of a person u actually were. i feel so bad when u rant about going through shit cus u are the cutest person ever i just want u to be happy all the time btw f*ck men they can all die hahaaaa anyways i love playing in games with u cause u make them so lively and ur pro at scumhunting. when u call me cute i blush like coming from u makes me all smiley and happy, u are PERFECT wtf. to end it all ill just say from our most recent chats i can tell u are trustworthy as heck and super fun to be around ugh hopefully 2019 will bring us closer
alexandra11d 8h
AAAAAA UR SO SWEET thank u that was like the kindest opinion lets pls be closer
onion me
meg11d 7h
actual light of my life... GOD whenever u join the vc i smile cus ur voice is honestly just SO CUTE its not even completely about the accent i swear u as a human are just all around adorable... god i miss playing with u jake and mouth cus we had the best times i think ive ever had on this site like we would just get drunk as together and crack up at how stupid jackson was or team up against him when he was being a rude as*hole for NO REASON? i think u are genuinely one of the nicest people on here cus ur opinions are always valid and u give people a chance regardless of how others view them like you would befriend a noavi in a heartbeat just for the hell of it. maybe its cause ur always drunk but wHO KNOWS??? omg i never know how to read you in game cause u come off so towny without even trying to the point where i always have to sr u since i would never know otherwise.... i seriously think u are so good at em and a very underrated player. i love gossiping with u cause u freak out and make the whole conversation so interesting lol. u really dont care about how people perceive you cus u will post or say whatever u want regardless of how it might come off as. you were one of my first real friends who would hang out with me to all ends of the night so i will always think extremely highly of you. i seriously just love u so much as a person and im glad youre stilll active cus we have to keep cheetos ring alive somehow.... moscato mafia for life baby
meg11d 7h
onion me
lilin11d 7h
never gave me an opnion
meg11d 7h!
never gave me an opnion
ill do it real quick ok

i am always sh*ting on u in the server cause its funny u get so triggered for no reason but i bullied u into joining voice and i think i made u fall in love with me??? u are a old user so i guess i kind of have to respect u... im not from tumblr so stop saying it b*tch. also thanks for sharing ur memes with me i laughed. ur super edgy and cool but kind of toxic... i think deep deep deep down u are a sweetheart so im gonna try to yank that out of u. oh u just showed me ur art and i am hella impressed idk if ur memeing or not but if u actually did those u are f*cking amazing. (sorry im not replying but u will see my response in this post) well i need more cute girls to bully me and i choose u.
meg11d 7h!
onion me
u are important... i am tired af but ill do urs cause i love u a lot and ur bugging me uahsidjokjn OKAY honestly u are my favorite person to play dst with cause u will chase shit and yell "die b*tch die b*tch die b*tch" and i CRACK UP omg im glad we are friends cause u are such a sweet innocent girl i need that to rub off on me but hopefully i dont rub off too much on u... maybe i am cause u keep talking about VODKA???? i will kill u if that drink ever even TOUCHES ur pure mouth... ok anyways we will stay in call for hours and not even realize it we always have something to talk about and the convos never get boring im like half laughing just writing this bc u are one of my favorite people ever now and i remember just a couple months ago i only knew u as that girl who trolls in games and likes books but ur like seriously so down to earth and funny and SWEET? tbh though i love talking about books with u cause we have the same taste and gossiping about books is a whole other level of gossip?? i said this before but ill say it again just from talking to u so much recently i think people who say you are immature probably just dont know you well enough because for your age you are mature as hell. you are legit a teenager and already are so diverse in topics i sure as f*ck wouldnt have cared about when i was ur age, i never feel like im talking to someone young or childish. yeah u make dumb decisions but who doesnt.... you are seriously so nice, caring and all around an amazing person. i spill so much tea with u cause i trust u so much already and i cant see you ever trying to hurt me (or anyone??) i wish u werent so hard on yourself cus u are amazingly beautiful and have so much going for u in life!!! i love u with everything pls continue being yourself
TanB10d 23h
ion know u that much but me :)
mssbooklover10d 19h
onion me
the nicest thing i have ever read

Myx10d 16h
do me <3


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