shady puzzle 277

shady1219d 22h

Hi friends, thanks to popular demand (one comment from Blister) I have made a second puzzle thread. It is a word game. The first one was here if you need to kickstart your noggin.

You must guess a word. Each word you guess I will return to you a number. Whoever guesses the methodology behind assigning numbers to words first wins and gets a sticker. Good luck.

Blister13d 18h
I think I cracked it. Everyone can check your name against it.

If Ravennn posted in this thread, her number should be 298.
shady1213d 17h
Hold on, is it their 776 round score divided by the number of letters in their name, rounded to the nearest whole number?
Yes :D

What sticker would you like, champ?
davidlmao13d 17h
can you do another one pls? you dont have to award a sticker or anything i just like puzzles
VanityPrime13d 17h
I don't want any stickers, I just want your soul.

I play for the game bby.
Also would like more puzzels.
Citadel13d 17h
What a surprise the econ professor got it. Good job, haha!
I mean, it did take me roughly an hour, it was pretty challenging.
shady1213d 16h
I mean, it did take me roughly an hour, it was pretty challenging.
What steps did you take to solve it?
You want me to message you here or via dm?

I used math.
Looking at the time signatures, it was close to 30-35 minutes to solve.
VanityPrime13d 13h
Step 1. determine the relationship between the person and the number

Answer: Comp round participation somehow

Step 2. determine the relationship between the person and their participation.

Step 2a. Is there a relationship between the scores people have and the number received.

Yes, it's a general positive relationship, however independent variable isn't related to scoring (This part is the math) but the dependent variable is.

Step 3. What are the possible factors that the independent variable could be.


Discovering the positive relationship between scores and numbers let me know I was in the right general area, after that I just had to balance the equation in order to get the right answer.

For example, while doing scoring, I kept getting x.89 and numbers close to but not equal to whole numbers, letting me know the solution required some type of rounding, which lead me to division.
shady1213d 13h
VanityPrime13d 13h!
This is what people in academia call "Have you tried mathing the Beach?"

This is generally what's expected of you.
Boxness13d 8h
aw i thought it was something to do with their first games played this round
doggo13d 8h
comp is gross