Token Glitch8

I tried to save the game history of this game

And it didn't let me even though I have exactly 2 tokens left.

Help pls

I bought 60 tokens specifically to save the games I won during my trophy run and now I'm being screwed out of a whole game saved which is actually a big deal to me and the other 29 worked perfectly. But now that I have exactly 2 left it says I don't have enough.
Song26d 15h
No idea why it wasn't working for you, but I went ahead and saved it, to test, and it went through for me.
Giga1326d 14h
Try from your main maybe (if this isn't your main)
it is my main and i saved 29 other games perfectly fine, I assume it just believes that exactly 2 isn't enough to do something that requires 2 for some reason
justin25d 18h
you need to have 3 or 3+ tokens (even tho its 2) its kinda dumb i think or it wont work, also the same for stickers i believe
Alyssa25d 12h
Double confirming this as I was trying to save a game with exactly 2 tokens left and it wouldn't work for me either.
Can someone email lucid that has contact with him and notify him of the glitch
Okay now all of a sudden it let me save a game with only 2 tokens left. Am confused.