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Hi there! You seem new. Welcome to Epicmafia!

I will be your guide, I hope I can teach you how to play in the sandbox lobby. So you just made your account and you find yourself here:

in main lobby. You find that when you try to join a game, it says you don’t have enough games. These are ranked games (red heart games) or Competitive games (Gold/yellow hearts). So you either pressed the game without a lock or a heart in front of it or you found your way to sandbox.

Now that you are in our humble lobby, you need to press the red button “Join game”

Red button = Open game Yellow = Game in progress Grey = Game over. After 2 minutes of the game being over (And longer if the game is really big) you can review it and see the behind the scenes of the game and save it with tokens. (I will explain tokens below eventually)

So now you joined the game and you are ready and eager to play


. .


. . Why? Why were you kicked? You were kicked and banned from the game for not having an avatar. I know it is annoying, but a lot of “Noavis” as we call them (users without an avatar) are trolls, banned accounts, players who enter, don’t talk and veggie (I will explain what this is in a moment). You avatar is also a representation of a personality.

To get an avatar:

Step 1:

Hover over your name at the top right with your mouse and press settings

Step 2:

Scroll down here and then: Upload a square avatar. Png files will be better quality but Jpeg work as well. Your avatar will not work if it is too small or too large. 100x100 should be your minimum and I am not sure about the maximum.

To go to your profile you press your username at the top right.

Look at that! You are such a cool kid. I am so proud of you! You now finished your first big step to becoming a user in sandbox.

Next step is basic game mechanics and layout!

On the top you can see how many more players are needed to fill the game and on the left side you can see the list of players in the game. If you press their usernames on the side it will pop-up a miniature profile window.

In the profile window you can see their age, gender, karma and kudos. Karma are points given to you by users who want to show you respect and kudos is when you played really well in a game and the players want to acknowledge that. You can also see stickers which I will explain below eventually when I talk about the different things you can do in your profile page. The red button will send the user a friend’s request. Go ahead! Make a new friend! They may or may not accept you, sometimes it takes weeks for a user to check their profile and see the request but at least you made the first step! Over the course of your time here I hope you make lots of good friends!

At the top left you can see the pool of roles by hovering over the blue = town, black = mafia and yellow= 3rd party squares.

To leave the game you can press the button at the top right

And yes to confirm

This will make you exit the game and go back to the sandbox lobby. If you do this after the game starts you would have “Suied” Aka committed suicide.

You will appear in the “Underworld” along with users who “Veggie” = turn into a vegetable

Doing this will too often for no real reason will get you hate from the community and sometimes will get you banned from a lot of games in the future if you are known as a user who suicides from every game. Sometimes during the day it will break the game, ruining the game for the rest of the players. Users tend to suicide if the game is taking too long, if the host of the game is killed, if the game breaks, if they need to leave early or if their friends die in the game and they can’t live a single game without their friend being there since that’s the point of playing mafia amiright :thonk:.

What does it mean to turn into a vegetable?

During the night or day you will have an action that is associated with your role. If you do not do these actions you will be kicked from the game mechanically to avoid the game being stuck on the first night or day because someone is not present in the game. There will be a countdown at the top. Once it hits 30 seconds it will make a ding sound effect to call the attention of players, or users will say your username trigger the ping to get your attention. After the timer is over there will be a message at the top reading “Autokick player: xxxxxx” if enough players press the x the game will have another countdown and then kick the players who haven’t done their actions by the time the timer is up.

Some of the roles are more nitpicky and complicated and sometimes something happens on the other side of the screen that causes you to either forget you joined the game or unavailable to be present. Sometimes you cannot vote mechanically due to the phone version being a little tricky. Its okay, no biggie. Just do your best to avoid this. If you veggie too much you will be frowned upon and blacklisted from games.

Hosting your own game

You are now back on the lobby screen. After 4/5 or so games (I don’t recall) you can start hosting your own games. You can make your own set ups by pressing “create game” or “find set-ups” for premade set ups. To make your life easier however, the lobby owner (Currently Alyssa) has stickied a set-up that is universally used and liked by the user base since it contains all of the roles frequently used in sandbox. You can make your own version and favourite it so that you have easy access to it on the lobby page (I will show you how to do this and make your own games below eventually).

The mask icon would make it an anonymous game. The most used version of a sandbox game however, is a normal non-anonymous set up like this.

First thing to do as a host is to tick the two boxes you see at the top.

The lightning makes the games faster, which is ideal in sandbox, and the eye makes other users unable to view the game from outside and therefore prevent cheating which brings down the quality of the game.

If a user joins your game that you don’t like, is annoying, is a troll, spams or for any other reasons including memes you can press their usernames and press “kick” in their mini profile window:

In this profile window you can also see the pie and a custom rank that a user can spend tokens on. The pie might not always appear in sandbox profiles because it is a main lobby function for the most part. It indicates the ratio of wins/suicides and veggies and losses in ranked games you play. Your ranked game points can also be seen here. This user’s points are “349”. There is no way to earn such points in sandbox since ranked games have no meaning here.

Playing the game

Now we can move on to learning how to play the game!

*Welcome to night 1! *

Here you can see your role card which will explain to you your role’s function and which faction you are aligned with. The one you are aligned with is the one you will win with at the end of the game. Some roles, especially the third player roles, are more complicated when it comes to alignment since some can win with certain factions or only with their own win condition (aka win con). This depends on your role. I will run through the different role functions below eventually.

On the right you can see your role’s icon

On the left side you can see two functions you can do. One is your role’s action. Like most actions on epicmafia, you need to hover and the drop down menu will appear. You choose a player you wish to do your actions on and wait for the next day to come.

While you wait you can write yourself a will!

It is just a fun little gimmick that will turn up when you die.

Or you can choose not to. It is up to you!

Oh dear. You died Night 1. That’s okay! Move one, there are more games to play and you knew the risk. Sandbox is an endless cycle like this. It is up to you to find your own fun.

Host killing is frowned upon, but it happens sometimes! There are other community things that you should learn to avoid doing to protect yourself and your reputation. In a host killing case, the users will suicide from the game in protest for the kill if they notice it was a host kill.

Another two examples of this is claiming Virgin as fool and saying “Why me” If you claim virgin (a role that blocks the mafia’s kill action that night and is a role that usually asks to be lynched day 1) as fool (A role that wins if it is lynched) you will be judged. It is seen as a cheat and easy way to win as fool and leaves a bitter taste with the players involved so don’t do it. If during the day you say “Why me” the users will say “Fry me” and lynch you. This is a communist meme but also has some legitimate basis to it. If you say “why me” instead of “don’t lynch me I am [role]” or “Don’t lynch me, I am a town role” it is assumed that you are a mafia role who is struggling to make an excuse for yourself. This is not a legitimate thing in sandbox but the meme remains.

Now on to day 1.

You can chat by typing words in here and pressing enter. To send someone a private message inside the game press the “whisper” press pick a player

And choose the player you want to whisper to. If you press the leak button all the players will see it and there is a chance your whispers will leak regardless so be weary.

Next up is the day actions. If you got a gun/snowball/vest/crystal/knife it will say at the top that you got it. It might be hidden amongst the red of the dead and the wills. You should watch this space because certain roles will have their role findings up here, other roles may send you role based findings or other such actions. To shoot you pick a player on the right side under the voting area. (I will show the specific functions of these items below eventually)

To “lynch” someone and vote them out of the game you hover over the “Pick a player” and the list will pop up. You may also press no one if you wish to not vote anyone.

And that is basically it for the basics!!! Lastly if you want to know the full list of roles you can go to the “Learn” Tab https://epicmafia.com/role


I will add more game functions below. These are just the basics I feel everyone needs to know when they start out. Enjoy the game and make friends!

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"Look at that! You are such a cool kid. I am so proud of you! You now finished your first big step to becoming a user in sandbox."

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