[Suggestion] Preventing Veg's23

cusadmin4mon 10d

Very simple suggestion for players like me who join a lobby that takes time to fill and accidently Veg.



There should be a 15 second ready counter when the lobby is filled with a distinct ping sound per each second. If the person doesnt "Ready up" They get kicked out of lobby.

Will prevent alot of AFK/VEG day 1/night 1 and anyone saying AFK wont make sense as they were at computer clicking the ready button before game started.

NCRAWMay 15, 2019
I like this! I would suggest only 10 seconds tho, as 15 is a long time!
cusadminMay 15, 2019

Example sound of how it would go down and the pinger near the end is perfect.

@NCRAW Appreciate the support! Would also lessen the amount of reports for Mod's to deal with so win win
TorreadorMay 15, 2019
I agree that something can be done about vegging, but i'm not sure it really is the solution.

What you propose will just mean people (most likely the first to join, probably the host) will get kicked and the game will be delayed for a few minutes before EVERYONE is here pregame. Host might even lose his spot after waiting for a few minutes because he was tabbed for half a minute.

Lots of people tab and come back during night meeting with no problem, the low amount of vegged games is not worth this measure.
TorreadorMay 15, 2019!
Preventing vegs during d1 is as simple as forcing every role to have a night meeting like templar where you must click "end meeting". Everyone must be here at night, and after everyone is used to this, this will prevent dayvegs.
cusadminMay 15, 2019
No @Torreador whats being proposed is essentially a timer that is a global ping sound for 10 seconds with the intent for you to put time into a game and click the ready button. If you dont within the 10 seconds you get kicked.

If you're busy you dont join ranked game.
adminMay 15, 2019
sure i can build this, should it be a game option?
denialMay 15, 2019
its a good suggestion for ranked/competitive and probably should be default there

only valid complaints would be for people in unranked that wouldn't like the feature
cusadminMay 15, 2019
@admin I think we should beta test it with ranked instead of competition as a default for a period of 72 hours and see what the stats on day1/night1 vegs are.

@denial agreed!
AlyssaMay 15, 2019!
I definitely agree with a bit of a beta test, this is a really neat idea but I do worry that games will take longer to fill generally, especially if people don't know what the new mechanic is right away. Besides this concern it seems a great idea for ranked/comp games.

100% needs to be optional for unranked games, though, yeah. Could it potentially be a 3rd box, like having to turn on faster games and spectating in unranked? Checking it as host makes it so everyone has to confirm before the game starts. This seems more useful than a gamemode, where the setup would have to be remade entirely to be able to try it out.
AlyssaMay 15, 2019
The reason I'm concerned is because, if people are kicked from game, are they kicked and banned? If so, games may take a lot longer to fill and we may see lots of remade games.

If they can rejoin, there are also worries about lobby camping/eating up everyones time, which in that case I hope you would add system messages for when people join/leave the game(which should be done anyways, maybe through having voting logs on?) whether or not this idea goes through it would help with moderation.
AlyssaMay 15, 2019
(or not be added to unranked at all, if it's too much of a hassle. I'm not sure if there's a strong need for it there since we can also kick people in said games.)
GolbolcoMay 15, 2019
I think it should be a box you check at the top of the game, like the fast game box and no-spectators box.

I don’t know if I love it though—why not just eliminate begging by making the game force you to NL if you haven’t voted when the counter completes? Then vegging would only apply in must act or must lynch games.

Just a suggestion though, I’m open to this being built too.
cusadminMay 15, 2019

The more feedback people have the better I can address to all. I have a great understanding of UX/UI background aswell to better answer any future questions on mechanics of it. Appreciate the posts above.

1. If people are kicked from game they should not be able to rejoin unless they join/create a new game. This prevents people from cancelling and rejoining (trolling/abusing/half afk's)

2. Ranked/Comp needs a sense of competitiveness and responsibility and for one to join a lobby of such and multitask on other things that could distract them heavily to tab back in during the ping and ready up will create a sense of urgency next time they join a lobby.

(I promise Alyssa this works very very well in that aspect)

3. If you think of how long a night+day is to a town thats afk/vegging it far outweights the extra 30 seconds for another member to join a lobby thats 6/7 filled.

Beta testing will definitely allow us to better be accustomed to it and provide even more feedback after implementation.
alexandraMay 15, 2019
@golb that wouldn’t work for ranked or comp games

it would put their side at a significant disadvantage for most roles to be forced to nl bc someone is afk, and it would leave the game ranked / comped when someone isn’t even there

vegging is inconvenient but it’s better than their side being put at a disadvantage by having a PR that’s afk or even the pr coming back and having to go “well i’m cop but i wasn’t here at night so i don’t have a report”

sorry if i misinterpreted ur suggestion but vegging is there for a reason
alexandraMay 15, 2019
also imo this is silly and will lead to comp games taking longer to fill

a ton of ppl go afk in pregame knowing that they’ll be back before the night ends to do their action and getting kicked out of the lobby would be super irritating and would happen often

vegs rly aren’t that big of a deal lol just host another game. if the veg is midgame it’s annoying but this doesn’t prevent that, it only prevents n1 vegs and it’s really not a big deal to just rehost when it happens. don’t fix what isn’t broken
cusadminMay 15, 2019
@alexandra not everyone has 14 hours of the day to play EM though!

The afk pregame is fine, but they have to hit "ready" once lobby is filled so that no one can go afk for 6 minutes during the day and say "I was rolling a blunt and afk"

You can browse youtube or do whatever during pregame just that when the lobby is filled and you're away AFK then itll remove you and gives us the assurance that when a game starts there is 7 active players.

Theirs unranked and sandbox for a reason.
MachiKyoukoMay 15, 2019
how will it take it longer to fill when if someone is afk the whole freaking game has to be rehosted as opposed to


click a button lmao
mukiMay 15, 2019
i like this idea and definitely think it's worth trying out
NCRAWMay 15, 2019
I think it should be a box you check at the top of the game, like the fast game box and no-spectators box.

I don’t know if I love it though—why not just eliminate begging by making the game force you to NL if you haven’t voted when the counter completes? Then vegging would only apply in must act or must lynch games.

Just a suggestion though, I’m open to this being built too.
I don't think that is wise. Because if someone is forced to nl, it can change the way votes are/the outcome of the game if someone is to NL rather than vegging
everMay 15, 2019!
im fine with this along their a message sent on tab that say the table is filled, for one i have em mute so i dont hear music on random user pages/death noises & would be helpful for Deaf players.
Implement ready button with timer function that counts down to 0 and kicks anyone who hasnt hit "ready" out of lobby