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NimauMay 23, 2020
Bernie isn't some socialist revolutionary. Yeah he's got some fantastic stances on issues and has spent his political career fighting for marginalized people but last I checked he has never been anti-establishment enough to actually try to overthrow the established systems and take down the two-party oligarchy.

In Canada third parties have a lot of incentive to fight the good fight even with no real chance, because how they do in the election effectively determines how much legitimacy, exposure, and funding they have in the following election. In the US the two-party establishment is so ingrained into society that the level that Bernie has already reached as in independent senator is about the most legitimacy anyone can even hope to receive at this point in time. Bernie clearly still believes he can do more as a member of the establishment than from outside it, and the democratic primaries pretty clearly demonstrated how politically apathetic the 'progressives' in the country are so it's understandable why he feels that way.

Until the people decide to rise up fight the oppressive system, the two-headed tyrannical dragon will continue to swallow up and crush those who try to fight it.
SirAmelioMay 23, 2020
That's actually a pretty reasonable answer, thanks!
4thNightFacinorousMay 27, 2020
"I'm prepared to say that I have a record of over 40 years and that I'm going to beat Joe Biden." - Joe Biden 2020
kauzu1May 27, 2020
I don't know if anyone in the 42 pages of convo has mentioned this yet, but i feel it's an interesting thing. America is BONED with the two party system until something like this takes over https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Y3jE3B8HsE (I don't know how to embed youtube)

Not caring enough to copy/paste, it's a 4 minute video explaining the alternate voting system that Australia uses that is just SO much less corrupt than America's bs fake democracy. And it can be done without "electoral colleges" (Read: Useless democracy destroyers)
SteelixMegaMay 29, 2020
well looks like donald is going to win now because only 2 people are voting for joe.
SirAmelioJun 1, 2020
SirAmelioJun 4, 2020
sh*tty pandemic handling, sh*tty sociopolitical crisis handling

i s2g if democrats somehow still manage to lose the elections they need to straight up collectivelly resign all their positions and delete the party
i'm a big fan of