Cave Becky touched MY MAN!!0

Karmatica7mon 5d

So, me and my boyfriend (King) went to iHop this morning cause King felt like some pancakes. So we was just waiting for a place to sit, and this Cave Becky walks in front of us and says "Lemme see y'all shirts"

Pause - King and I had matching shirts on that said "Africans born in America" with a big picture of Africa on it.

So King & I look at this woman like wtf? and we turn our backs to her. So this cave becky PROCEEDS to put her WHITE, her ugly The-Sun-Hates-it hands on my man's biceps! And if any of y'all follow me on insta, you know King's bicep is a serious serious thing! AND she was touching it!

So I look at this Cave Becky and I'm like... Um, are you drunk? PAUSE - When I say are you drunk, listen Cave Becky, I am throwing you a LIFELINE, okay? I am throwing you a life saver off of the titanic to be like girl, what other reason do you have for touching my man? You must have lost control of all your motor skills!

And she's like "UMMM no, I'm not drunk, I just wanted to see what those shirts were about because I'm actually from South Africa!" PAUSE - You are not from South Africa, you are an invading parasite that steals 90% of the land and businesses in South Africa. You are a SETTLER honey, an INVADER. You are people of the ice, people of the cave, cold weather is your THING. That's why skin cancer for white people is so high in South Africa (and Israel) BECAUSE YOU DON'T BELONG.

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