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Songin7mon 7d

I have like 20 steam codes for random games I don't want. Anyone who asks for one here will be given a random one from the list. I won't tell you what it is either, so you get to be as disappointed as I was when I got the codes.

Edit: Total number of codes is 28. List on the side are people who've gotten one. Once it reaches 28 I'm out.

Edit x2: Emphesis on these games being DISAPPOINTING. Don't expect a good game.

Edit x3:-- I got more codes. Currently at 31/33

Edit x4: Got more codes for games cause I'm a generous human being. Not getting anymore after this.

Continuing the list here:

  1. Spadez
  2. illuminati
  3. Chinatsu
  4. Sirdude
  5. Superspooky
  6. DarkB
  7. Medha
ISamEIMay 11, 2019
huh i am appreciative yet also oddly disappointed
good job songin
SirDudeMay 11, 2019
I expect nothing, Go ahead and try and disappoint me.
SpookyMay 11, 2019
gimme gimme!
DarkBMay 11, 2019
Ill take one
deletedMay 11, 2019
FloatAssistantSOMay 13, 2019
could I possibly get one?
HeckMay 23, 2019
how likely is it that they're all asset flip games posted on r/FreeGamesOnSteam
xtalMay 23, 2019
ill take one if there are any going


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