how did you first learn about EM?25

GunGunPower7mon 12d

I feel like everyone here is someone who has been playing for years at this point. If I see someone new they stick around for maybe a week or two and then they are gone. So for all my fellow vets. How did you discover this website?

MemojiMay 21, 2019
I'm from Town of Salem.
NCRMay 21, 2019
A guy called Sagacity in my first game told me how to vote in mafia meeting
NCRMay 21, 2019
Because I want to play mafia but it's hard to find people to play irl so I looked it up.
Me too, my friends never wanted to play with me
D3xTr0m3th0rph4nMay 21, 2019
I first started playing Cry_Wolf in 2005 [an old AIM game], and I found EM in 2010 when it was in its infancy and didnt like it much and came back in 2012 when it became more user friendly.

I found this website from google
AlyssaMay 21, 2019!
Way way back I used to play this forum site. It was a really small and tight-knit community, we played Forum Mafia and it was really fun! Although not everyone was super into it, I always tried to make new role ideas(similar to the basic roles you'd see on EM), and do my own twists on it. We'd always swap between who would host the games, with no automated system ofc. Eventually my friend back in 2013 came across this site and recommended it to us. We started to play a bunch but I was the only one who stuck around and ultimately made this my most used site rather than that by 2014, so, there's my entire story lol