Giga137mon 12d

I will be in Philadelphia from Saturday afternoon until Monday morning. If anybody is in the area and wants to meet, hmu 🤙 I will be with a friend too

This is a mini weekend trip revolving primarily around the 76ers Raptors Playoffs Game 4 (Sun 3:30PM EST); I am driving down from Toronto with my friend to watch

Countdown timer is my approx. arrival time in Philly

SpookyMay 2, 2019
Hiiiiiiiiiiiii Giga13!!!

Long time no see.
megMay 2, 2019
check out the franklin institute if you have time
Giga13May 2, 2019
Hi spooky

ty meg will look into it
PonyLoveMay 2, 2019
I'm just a quick 25hr drive away :))


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