A few players here are deranged11

hotwhipzx7mon 15d

Its a game. Lighten up. This isn't directed at any specific individual.

sydMay 2, 2019
this is a bit hypocritical if you feel the need to post 2 threads (presumably) about how you were reported for your sui rate...

it's a game.. lighten up
hotwhipzxMay 2, 2019
Not hypocritical at all. It would be hypocritical of me to monitor someone I reported for days on end seeing if they do something I don't like. Me making a general thread about something Iv'e noticed doesn't mean anything.

Also, this isn't about any specific individual. But if you feel that it is, maybe you should mention who you are talking about?
alexandraMay 2, 2019
you don’t need two threads saying basically the same thing
hotwhipzxMay 2, 2019
You're right. I'll delete the first one.
sydMay 2, 2019

it's clear who you are talking about and maybe you should pm Milton instead of dragging his name. it's just a game, move on!!
hotwhipzxMay 2, 2019!
whose Milton? No idea what you're on about.
SpookyMay 2, 2019
Petfish 2 the movie,

Now in your cinema.

( I know this is funny let me! ;( )
hotwhipzxMay 2, 2019
Some people man lol. I would hate to not have a life outside EM
clickflick22May 3, 2019
Milton is a blob, a green, swavering mass inching his way across the battlefield of existence. Unrelenting and immovable, he jiggles and writhes beneath the weight of his own identity.
ZhuorbMay 4, 2019!
mandevianMay 4, 2019
I think this is directed at mtlve