Rule Clarifications *IMPORTANT*5

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Creating this due to recent confusion:

1) Hipfiring: If you have a gun, ask for claims before shooting and/or out reads. If you shoot quickly, you will receive a violation for trolling/gt depending on the circumstances.

2) You may not play in competitive games with people under the same ip address as you (i.e. living in the same house)

3) You may not play in ranked or competitive games using somebody's alt while they are in the game

4) Meteor Rules

  • it’s game throwing to no kill (unless if killing puts you in autoloss) or no lynch on meteor day/night
  • if you are doctor, and it is meteor night, you may save someone. that is not game throwing
  • it IS game throwing if mafia tries to kill the same target on meteor night as on consecutive prior nights, knowing that doc will be on them (thus forcing meteor)
  • it is not game throwing in the above situation if taking another action results in mafia auto loss (you can never be forced to kill into auto loss)

5) Meta abuse.

  • honest meta is when a player is automatically clear or confirmed based on an action they take or on an event that happens.
  • here are some examples to help you get an idea of what honest meta COULD look like (this is by NO means every example of honest meta):
    • ex 1: if you refuse to n1 your friends, which meta clears you when one of them dies.
    • ex 2: if you say the same thing at daystart every time you roll town.
    • ex 3: if you never cc as mafia and use that to win when you roll town
  • for meta to be abused it needs to have happened over a span of games. Everyone has their own meta, just be sure not to abuse it and you should not have a problem.

6) OGI

  • ex: Mentioning your run or someone else's run in order to influence the game is ogi.

If you have any questions, please send your question(s) along with your favorite meme to me, alexandra, or char :)

deletedNov 30, 2019
Going forward, we are going to be moderating “hipbriding” (the act of immediately proposing as bride upon day 1 start) as trolling, particularly in the setup Shamu Doesn’t Like It. Please take the time to make an informed decision on who to propose to; it will be handled similarly to hipfiring. Thank you!
deletedDec 5, 2019
deletedDec 5, 2019!
Speaking while your game is in progress via PM's (with players in the same game as you), Discord servers, or other forms of communication can be punished with a cheating violation or an OGI violation based on moderator discretion. Please avoid ANY kind of contact outside of games with people you’re in games with, even non-game related or indirectly speaking in the same server, as it is still punishable.

If we have reason to suspect that anything you’re saying gave away any game related information, or was an attempt to receive any game related information, we have the right to give you a cheating violation regardless of what you say your intentions were. Avoid speaking in servers with other Epicmafia players while in a game, as you never know whether someone in that server is in your game on an alt. Just because you think what you’re saying won’t impact the game doesn’t mean it’s okay, and you will still be punished no matter how harmless you believe something is (even if it’s just apologizing for killing someone N1!). Wait until after the game to say anything outside of the game about it.

Keep in mind that every time you speak to EM players outside of a game while playing, you are not only risking an OGI violation, you are risking a cheating violation and the repercussions that come along with it.

If you require further clarification, please refer to the rules page or ask denial, charley, alexandra, or Nanomite.
deletedJun 14, 2020
the following is outdated:

You may not play in competitive games with people under the same ip address as you (i.e. living in the same house)

and going forward, will be moderated as follows:

You may play competitive (gold heart) games with people under the same ip address as you (i.e. living in the same house), but you will not be allowed to trophy on those accounts. If someone has games that round with someone in their household, they will be automatically disqualified by the mod team at round end if they're in a trophy position. Players may have account(s) where they play without each other for the purpose of running.

if you have any questions, feel free to pm charley or alexandra. thanks!!
deletedJul 18, 2020
Going forward (this will not apply retroactively), if you receive a HC/RS/harassment violation for slurring at someone or harassing someone, the user that you targetted will receive a PM with a list of your linked accounts so they can avoid you. This is in an attempt to dissuade users from targetting others, especially based on sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, mental capabilities, and other personal circumstances.