Endgame Spoilers7

Tart1mon 29d

let's talk

Alyssa1mon 29d
Where's antman's surprise attack on this poll
Tart1mon 29d
ahhh true ... oops lmao
GodStephCurry1mon 29d
i am iron man
doggo1mon 29d
the whole movie
DaddyBelt1mon 29d
Ant Man: Rear End Game

Why is "Hail Hydra" not on the poll?
MafiaGod1mon 29d
um Mjolnir has been destroyed, just saying, get your weapon names right
Tart1mon 29d
DUDEEEE HAIL HYDRA LMAO. i loved that elevator scene bc it was a callback to The Winter Soldier and you thought he was about to clean house lol and MG did you see the movie bro?
Favorite moment?