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this concept came up in sandbox just now and i thought it would be super interesting to see what "generation" of epicmafia everyone is a part of! (keep in mind EM was created in 2008) here's my interpretation:

Baby Boomers 2008-2010

Generation X 2011-2013

Generation Y, or Millennials 2014-2016

Generation Z, or iGen 2017-2019

post the year you joined below and i will sort you into your proper generation hehe (also i know some ppl have deleted their original accounts, i know i did, so it wont necessarily be based on the year of your current account)

JM123Apr 25, 2019
2013 my first account is named morenothagangsta lol it still exists
SonginApr 25, 2019
I had an account I played super casually way back in like 2012 when /v/ used to play here every day. That one doesn't exist anymore.

I made this one probably around 2015/2016, and played during summers casually until late 2017 when I really started playing.

So you gauge which gen I belong to.
SimsApr 26, 2019
2010, haven't gotten a day older since the day i joined
SimsApr 26, 2019
I think one of the most interesting aspects of epicmafia for me has been the amount of "cliques"(particularly in the forums) that has come and gone during the years.
the 2010-era cliques were the best groups, felt like the wild west out here
samanthaApr 26, 2019
generation x


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