General Appreciation Thread7

deleted5mon 2d

Hello everyone! I don't know how many people will comment on this, but I just wanted to make a thread where we can appreciate fellow epicmafia users. You can compliment someone on good play or their personality, it doesn't matter. It is totally up to you! Let's spread positivity and love wherever we go. I will write some here later!

okay bye love u all mwah

aquariusApr 22, 2019
Medha is the best user this website has ever had
ChinatsuApr 22, 2019
I hate everybody
AlyssaApr 22, 2019!
Hi I'd like to appreciate my friend Eadin, I don't think I say this enough but she's one of my closest friends and means a lot to me and makes every day a lot more fun around discord and em ^-^

Ilu Eadin!
SinBApr 22, 2019
i would like to take a moment to appreciate my sewer dumpster rat, hannah (jela). without her, there wouldn't be a sewer dumpster rat.

thank you.
mindfulApr 22, 2019
i love rosh
samanthaApr 22, 2019
To all my friends past n present ily. thanks to all for making me a better person.

shout out to Steve for being a great person n a good friend
jdogaApr 22, 2019
mods are dumb but love everyone :)

Jk mods love all of you but dont ban as many remade setups now :)