mssbooklover appreciation thread24

stinky9mon 8d

this thread was made to appreciate mssbooklover

mssbooklover has perfect skin

mssbooklover has perfect fingers

mssbooklover has a perfect face

mssbooklover has a perfect outfit

mssbooklover is a perfect role mod

she is underrated and needs more attention

she deserves to be more popular

everyone should comment on how perfect she is

she makes beyonce look bad

she makes ariana grande look unique

she makes dj khaled look poor

she makes selena gomez look wow


deletedApr 29, 2019
mss sent me a really kind note :)

that is class
SpookyApr 29, 2019
You were supposed to destroy the cheaters, not join them!
Bring balance to the Force ;(

I Will miss you ;(
charleyApr 29, 2019
i love u medha
alexandraApr 29, 2019
i miss medha already ):