The mods deleted my "R Word" thread19

YHWH4mon 28d

Someone among the PC lobby of EpicMafia deleted my thread petitioning for the right for users to use the R word. So, here I am, recreating it. The original thread was maybe 2000 or 3000 words long -- I'm not wasting your time or mine by reformulating the initial appeal.

Please vote in this poll if you think we should be allowed to use the R word on this site / on the Discord.

Commentary about PC culture, censorship, tone policing, etc etc should follow in this thread. I will leave you all with this note: early EpicMafia community (myself included) all came from 4chan. The 4chan /v/ board is what took this site off the ground and contributed the most to early EpicMafia culture. You can even see a headnod to 4chan by Lucid where >greentext is included in game chat. Old school EM allowed all kinds of freedom; we already won back our right to type $hit in game and I say it is time for us old school EMers to keep demanding more freedom.

Relevant EM policies:

Hateful Comments

> Any form of severe or excessive hate speech or hateful language based on race, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, mental capabilities, and other personal circumstances. Hateful but non-racial slurs fall under this rule and are moderated with a zero tolerance policy regardless of context. Racial Slurs and Hateful Comments vios are combined for suspension/ban purposes.

Inappropriate Content

> Posting content anywhere on the site that, based on moderator discretion, could be considered overtly vulgar or indecent in nature. This includes, but is not limited to: any content that promotes indecent or severely offensive/inappropriate discussions or viewpoints, or images/links to content that falls under those guidelines. Inappropriate content that is found on the site will be deleted with or without prior notice.

LinxeApr 21, 2019
R word
MisterPresidentApr 21, 2019
This will literally never happen
OverwatchApr 21, 2019
still a slur, still not okay to use

disability isn't an insult
quasimodoApr 22, 2019
if were going to revert back to the lawless days can we also bring back keelhauling
BebopApr 22, 2019
nobody cares
SolucionesApr 22, 2019
i care
SasukeApr 22, 2019
let us say the word commie
aquariusApr 22, 2019
it wasn't deleted, it was moved to mods only
YHWHApr 22, 2019
WTF? Milton reported me for this thread!!!

SEe what famed Linguist, NOAM CHOMSKY, has to say about the "R word" here :
GrannieApr 23, 2019!
Grannie got reported for exactly this

These rules feels like 1984 to me... back in my day not so many special snowflakes everywhere
YHWHApr 23, 2019
WTF? Milton reported me for this thread!!!

SEe what famed Linguist, NOAM CHOMSKY, has to say about the "R word" here :

is milton a Troll??
YHWHApr 23, 2019
Show hidden postCompromise:

Only let users say the R word in comp game (gold heart) .

This ensures that that new and casual players still enjoy a warm, safe, and comforting setting,and also incentivizes players to become experienced and engage with the comp scene.
denialApr 23, 2019
JM123Apr 23, 2019
JM123Apr 23, 2019
and kids this is how you dodge vios in epicmaf
GrannieApr 23, 2019
Precious little darlings in PC Land can't handle normal English words. Sad!
SteelixMegaApr 24, 2019
hey guys, if we can't say the artistic word with a u instead of r, does this mean we can't post the lailai video anymore?
SteelixMegaApr 24, 2019
also guys just say red rat instead :)
also guys just say red rat instead :)
Let users say the R word