give your honest opinion2

deleted13mon 21d

First time doing a forum thread. Id like to know peoples opinion of me. It can be good or bad.

SinBApr 19, 2019
even though you scammed me at first, nice selfie!! can't believe you look like an actual god. 10/10

anyways you're fun to play with in games. i always enjoy playing with you. but outside of games, you're also fun to converse with. like you're this chill laidback person, but at the same can get serious. but i enjoy our talks a lot.

i hope life treats you well and as always, stay strong king.
SkathiApr 19, 2019
I would have your babies, raise them, grow old and have one of those cottages in the middle of the country with a labrador with we walked in a nearby forest every morning and you'd get a gardening hobby and then I'd jam all the fruits you harvest and make shit tons of pies and cake we could force feed our grandchildren every night then go to BINGO night late and spend the evening about the new generation and then go home and have kinky old person sex on our flowered bed spread with you.