Can we ban Minie129

Karmatica1mon 3d

I'm sorry, for someone who sits there putting restraining orders on me, you sure love coming back to Tengaged and shittalking me whenever you want.

It's kind of immature that a 30-something year old woman has this much e-beef with an 18 year old. It was up to you whether you wanted to accept my apology BUT you do not have the right to harass me and take away my peace

grow up & resolve your disputes you hateful person

can we ban tea posts?
doggo27d 13h
top comedy when all she could do was block u after u said u could show proof i love this show
lol what r u talking about dumbassss? i never saw a post like that from him ignorant piece of sh*t i already had him blocked if he by any chance said anything like that and i do not give a fk about his proof. It would again be him talking to himself pretending to be me.
u not caring shows !
Karmatica27d 8h
u not caring shows !
She comes back to this post every hour to check for new replies, it's typical Minie behavior
xita27d 6h
It's Minnie and no Mickey needs his girlfriend or he'll just be a mouse with a dog.
Zhuorb27d 1h
I think it's a good thing if you guys terminate your accounts, stat
Zhuorb27d 1h!
getting this worked up over tengaged has taken its toll on your mental health mate
DarkB26d 21h
its not that deep tbh
JM12326d 20h
Karmatica21d 4h
stop plugging ur instagram thats nasty

also ur pretty hot lol finger me