no G&H days13

MastaAli1mon 8d

If day of the year is divisible by 2 then you cannot host Guns & Hookers

MastaAli1mon 8d
and if day of year is divisible by 3 then you cannot host JFK
aquarius1mon 8d
but are u talking day of the year out of 365 or out of the number of days in the month?

either way. yes
Derpez1011mon 8d
bUt GnH iS gOoD!!1!!!one!!!1
Tall1s1mon 7d
This would allow the setups that myself or other people create to be ACTUALLY played... deal.
ILovePewPews1mon 7d
If the day of the year is divisible by 1 Masta should play better
basiik1mon 7d
only play jfk destroy all other setups
YHWH1mon 7d
ban guns and hookers on the weekends
KRaidium1mon 3d
bring back fancy pants
torikate1mon 3d
only allow gun and hookers on the weekends. Ban JFK on the 32nd of each month.
zig1mon 3d
We need to get Lucid to create a script that restricts the play of G&H on certain days.
pedro1mon 3d
if this many people dislike gnh i'm sure you could fill non-gnh games if you tried
char21d 3h
best set up
alexandra21d 3h
Is this a good idea