Round 770 Discussion Thread!28

muki10d 6h

Congrats to all three winners of Round 767!


Read His Trophy Speech Here!!!






Good luck to the participants of Round 770!

Join the competition!

Shittydel got 4th place, his prize is he's now a mod lol gg

Don't Click Here

Yay, Muki finally did the round thread!!

it was a week ago you freaking dunce. actually look before you type.
mssbooklover3d 21h
why is this even being discussed here? if u have a problem pm a mod. like??? nothing is gonna change by complaining on forums
what kind of problem could i have with a weeb getting banned? ok game happened week ago & vio was given today,wut? By the way im not trying to be a jerk here,just demand a clarification on this weird report
because it wasnt reported until now??? oh my god dude
jesus can u stop acting like that? i see it was reported today,question is why would you wait 7 days to get him dq'd? Don't tell me you wanted him to get as close as possible to gold bc thats sadist af
blueheidi3d 19h
do NOT click that link; you'll catch stage 4 brain cancer and die
char3d 19h
we were just made aware of the situation
Don't worry probablytown, MachiKyouko is known as an undesirable around these parts