LesbianPirate and wrongful note4

So in this game where someone vegged n1, I say hi :) to my partner, FemaleCorrine. Then she tells me I'm shit because she's mad that she's mafia: https://imgur.com/a/meDsuct https://imgur.com/a/gds3Qx3

After this game, she tells me she doesn't need my counsel (apparently she took it as me counseling her). I wasn't trolling her (as you can see) but just to make her mad, I said "I was trolling you, and not counseling you. You're hopeless in real life and fantasy life so counseling would be useless"

Then she reports me and I get this from LesbianPirate: https://imgur.com/a/ZKGanvJ

LesbianPirate says I technically "trolled" FemaleCorrine. So she can give me a note for "trolling," just because I used the word "troll" even though the usage isn't the same here. I wasn't trolling in game and it had absolutely nothing to do with game but no, I'm trolling apparently.

So I appeal because it's f*ing bs and I don't deserve this note even though it's just a note. Just because it's a note doesn't mean I should get it. If I don't deserve a note, I don't deserve a note. You don't just dismiss it and say "it's just a note, so you should take it."


I'm not saying EpicMafia.com should have perfect check and balance but it's worth noting in case somebody wants to play judge judy.

Nobody oversees invalid notes. We should maybe change that

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mac10d 3h
lesbianpirate is perfect sorry anything she does is the word of god
Bebop10d 3h
notes dont care about your feelings
wow outrageous
Kawaii7d 20h
notes r notes